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Cold Reduction Mill

Cold Reduction Mill:

We’re pleased to offer the most exacting cold reduction and rerolling services. Our 4-High Cold Reduction Mill meets those higher tolerance requirements for improved product and tighter specs…like restricted gauge tolerance and tempers 1 through 5. With gauge ranges from .010" through 1/4" thickness and up to 8 1/2" wide, our cold roll and temper mill is ready to work for you.

Sunbelt Metal Processing, Inc. can do practically anything from 500 pounds on a single delivery…mixed partial loads shipped Cold Reduction Mill by Sunbetl Metal ProcessingLTL or truckloads per size. Our minimum orders are 500 pounds per item. We gladly provide customers the opportunity to take advantage of higher volume pricing…making for greater savings when processing orders and warehousing them in our 65,000 square foot facility for “Just-In-Time” shipping.

Sunbelt Metal Processing, Inc. specializes in spot buys, buyouts, restricted tolerance situations, and supplying small contract obligations. We’d also like to be your trusted key supplier for any and all your metal requirements…no matter how large or small.


 Restrictive Thickness
 Tight Tolerance Lengths
 Tight Camber Tolerance
 Narrow Slit Coils
 Small Blanks
 Spot Buys & Buy Outs
 Just In Time Shipping

Cold Reduction Mill 9" wide
Gauge .010 to .250
Width 0.500" to 8.500"
Thickness 0.010" to 0.250"
Thickness Tolerance ± 0.001"
Tempers 1 through 5
#1 - Full Hard
#2- 1/2 Hard
#3 - 1/4 Hard
#4 - Rb 50-65
#5 - Dead Soft
Stock Materials Aluminized
Cold Rolled
Cold Rolled Strip
Hot Rolled
Pickled & Oiled
Finishes Enhanced up to paint quality

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