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From light gauge to heavy gauge, Sunbelt Metal Processing, Inc. specializes in blanking coils in widths from a 1/2" up to 36" and lengths of 4" long and longer. With gauge ranges from .018" through 1/4" in thickness, our blanks from coil provide closer width and length tolerance than sheared blanks. All blanks are slit first for customers that require tighter tolerances than a sheared blank provides.

Sunbelt can provide practically anything from 500 pounds on a single delivery…mixed partial loads shipped LTL or truckloads per size. Our minimum orders are 500 pounds per item. We gladly provide customers the opportunity to take advantage of higher volume pricing, providing for greater savings when processing orders.

Sunbelt Metal Processing, Inc. specializes in spot buys, buyouts, restricted tolerance situations, and supplying small contract obligations. 

We are small enough to provide the personal attention you deserve.
Large enough to meet your expectation for quality and timely service at a competitive price.

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